the international software technology summit

Imagine an invitation-only conference where all the attendees are practitioners at the top of the software industry and are conference speakers themselves. All will present their latest ideas during this summit, and all will actively participate in lively, interactive sessions where over-the-horizon information technology innovations are presented and discussed.

speakerconf is that conference!

8-11 November, 2015

In 2015, speakerconf is located in Anguilla.


These sponsors make speakerconf possible. They are great companies to work for, and consequently provide best-in-class products and services to their markets.

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Topics are chosen by the speakers as they see fit. As this is a single-track summit, some speakers adapt their topics based on trending themes. Most presentations have never been given before and may be a year or more away from being given to the general industry. Some are based on confidential research and are shared only with the trusted group of attendees at speakerconf.

Previous themes have included: the industry's capability levels and software craftsmanship; pragmatic testing; multi-paradigm and polyglot programming; functional programming with TDD and BDD; concurrent and parallel computation; next-generation software development processes and anarchic delivery teams; alternative data repositories; observation and cognition and their affects on our decisions; developers and design; building great software companies; P2P synchronization strategies.


Those attending speakerconf find it to be a unique, high-quality, invaluable experience. They are able to hear about ideas that are poised to transform the IT industry, discuss them in depth with the experts, and take that understanding back to their organizations to gain a competitive advantage.

Imagine hearing only talks from people who are desperate to listen to new ideas. That's speakerconf.

Justin Gehtland

speakerconf combines the best features of traditional conferences into an intense few days. At "normal" conferences, the best part is HallwayConf, where you get to talk to other passionate people between formal sessions. speakerconf embraces and formalized this idea, creating an ideational mix that is better than the sum of the parts.

Neal Ford

How intense is the experience? I have attended both years, and still haven't been in the ocean. Taking time to swim means missing out on conversations with industry giants.

Fred George

One of the most significant networking opportunities for progressive-minded software people.

Obie Fernandez

The multidisciplinary nature of speakerconf is incredibly compelling. At no other conference will you find a more engaged group of innovators from different software disciplines eager to share and learn from each other.

Steve Vinoski

speakerconf consistently introduces me to the nascent technologies and ideas that my clients are hungry for.

Dave Hoover

You will not find a conference that is better orchestrated than speakerconf. And despite my 15 years of experience in the field, my perspective on programming was radically and durably changed by two times I was fortunate enough to attend there. Absolutely priceless!

Philippe Hanrigou

speakerconf provides a safe environment to bring my craziest ideas; rather than provoking ridicule, the ideas are massaged and refined by the best minds in the industry. It saves me months of trekking down dead ends. It is my primary source for understanding industry trends, and sorting the real from the imaginary ones.

Fred George

Who would've thought mixing a far away exotic isolated island with a bunch of opinionated geeks would turn in to pure unfiltered, uncensored technical event that folks would die to be invited to. Jay and Josh did! I loved it. Don't miss the chance if you get their call.

Venkat Subramaniam

I now know what "feeling like the dumbest person in the room" means.

Gary Bernhardt

A relaxed opportunity to invest in yourself, learn about new things from new people, discussions which change your perspective – that's why I enjoy speakerconf.

Dave Thomas

Imagine a place where the people, the talks and the food are all A+ and you'll have some idea of why speakerconf is a deeply educational and thoroughly enjoyable event.

Joshua Kerievsky

If you're lucky enough to get invited and don't go, you're an idiot.

Stefan Tilkov